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Main Session 2 [Marine Environment] Global Marine Litter Solution, The better way to solve?
Date 10.28(Wed.) 13:30~15:35 (GMT+09:00)
Place Please participate in WOF 2020 online through the wof.kr/eng.
Introduction of LNG-hydrogen hybrid ship for marine debris solution
Lee Jae-myung (Chair & Speaker)
Professor, Department of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
Pusan National University
Lee Jae-myung is professor of Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering and director of Cryogenic Material Research Institute (CMRI) and Hydrogen Ship Technology Center(HySTC) in Pusan National University.
He was appointed as a professional committee member for Establishing Korea's Hydrogen Economy Activation Roadmap. He obtained his PhD degree in Ship and Ocean Engineering from University of Tokyo in Japan in 1999. He is also the deputy editor of Ocean Engineering (SCI Journal) and associate editor of Metals (SCI Journal). His research interests focus on continuum damage mechanics, finite element analysis, modeling of material nonlinearity, and simulation based design. He has carried out various projects such as development of advanced insulating materials, cryogenic storing system, computational method for failure prediction, etc.
A Game-Changing Expedition to Unearth the Best Solutions to End Plastic Pollution
Simon Bernard
Simon is graduated from the French merchant navy academy (ENSM). He has sailed on several merchant vessels as deck officer and engine officer. Passionate about finding solutions to environmental issues he carried out several studies and projects on eco-friendly ships, CO2 emission reduction, circular economy and low technologies for developing countries.
In 2016, he won the Green Tech Award initiated by the French Ministry of the environment before founding Plastic Odyssey that aims at reducing ocean셲 pollution by promoting plastic recycling solutions adapted to developing countries.
쏳ethinking Plastic International Ocean Plastic Solutions
Sarah Beard
TAKE 3 FOR THE SEA, Australia
After 25 years working as a producer in film and television production making content that celebrated our oceans or raised awareness around its decline, Sarah accepted the role as CEO of Take 3 for the Sea. Sarah's journey with Take 3 started in 2013 when she became increasingly aware of the insidious plastic problem in our oceans and its impacts on marine wildlife. Initially joining Take 3 as a volunteer, Sarah developed and launched the Take 3 Surf Life Saving Clubs Project and served on the organisation's Board of Directors while continuing her film and television career. Sarah셲 connection with Take 3 continued, with co-founder Tim Silverwood featuring in her award-winning ocean conservation film, BLUE in 2017.
Aligning with BLUE셲 theatrical release in October 2017, Sarah and the BLUE team developed and implemented a 3-year multi-faceted impact campaign, which included over 65 partners from the not-for-profit, education, government, philanthropic and private sectors in Australia, the Pacific Region, Europe and North America. The BLUE education curricula has been used by over half a million Australian school kids, and the film and its outreach won the Banksia Foundation Sustainability Media Award for its contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Armed with a total commitment to protecting our oceans and marine life, Sarah's love of engaging people in a movement for change, coupled with her financial and project management skills from over 25 years in the film industry, equips Sarah with an extensive and diverse skillset to lead the Take 3 team. 쏧 am extremely excited about the global impact we can make with Take 3.
Marine Plastics: Current status and Response in Korea
Kim Seong-soo
Director, Marine Environment Research Institute
Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation(KOEM)
Director Seong-Soo Kim (born in 1962) completed a master셲 degree in Chemical Oceanography at the Graduate School of Jeju National University (1988) and a doctor셲 degree of science in Chemical Oceanography at Pukyong National University (1993). He has worked for 24 years at National Institute of Fisheries Science and Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation. For this 24 years, he has operated the National Marine Environmental Monitoring Network, and has conducted tasks such as operating the quality control system in the marine environment field and revising & setting guideline of marine environment. Marine Environment Research Institute is entrusted with policy projects from the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, and the institute셲 major projects include the operation of the National Marine Environmental Monitoring Network and the national marine ecosystem survey.
Fishing for Plastic: Giving Waste a Value
Marc Krebs
Tide Ocean SA, Switzerland
Marc Krebs is Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Tide Ocean SA, a company based in Basel (Switzerland). Together with the Swiss University of Applied Sciences, Tide Ocean SA has developed a method how to regenerate and upcycle ocean-bound plastic. #tide collects ocean-bound plastic in South East Asia, transforms it into granules, yarn and filament and sells it to brands around the world. #tide transforms single-use plastic waste into sustainable products.
Marc Krebs has originally studied Languages, History & Communications at the University of Basel, before he started to work for Media Enterprises in the 1990셲: He worked for Radio stations, TV and Press. He also wrote several non-fiction books. After years as a Writer, Manager, Editor and Head of Cultural Departments @ different Newspapers he left the Media Industry in 2019 because he wanted to act and contribute to a solution against the world셲 plastic pollution. That is how he became Co-Founder of Tide Ocean.
Upcycling waste is a future-oriented, sustainable business idea. Being a passionate, sincere storyteller, Marc Krebs is very happy to be part of Tide Ocean셲 business idea from the very beginning.
ECOALF - From waste to fashion
Carolina Alvarez-Ossorio
Global Marketing and Communication Director
Over 12 years marketing experience in luxury beauty and lifestyle brands in global markets made me understand what truly matters: how you do things and people. A fantastic product needs to have a story, but above all needs to have a positive impact. I쨈ve spent my career developing products and campaigns around the individual쨈s needs and today it셲 about putting our feet down and understanding what셲 happening in the world. I셫 a big believer that passion and commitment will help fight challenges, but its on us as individuals to start acting and making the necessary changes that will inspire others. Today I셫 proud to be the Marketing Director at Ecoalf, where we are cleaning the ocean every day, we are fighting every day to stop using natural resources in a careless way and we are educating and inspiring people sharing our knowledge.